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Home Ownership

The long term benefits to those who buy a home are innumerable. Personal wealth is most often created through home ownership in this country. The ability to pass something down to others, the sense of pride, the ability to eliminate the largest expense (paying it off!), and community development to name a few.

Aside from those, of all the people we work with, and talk to, most say the same thing – I am simply tired of paying rent.

Why pay another person’s bills? Does it make sense?

It can, but not in the long run. Truth is, buying is cheaper than renting in most areas of the country. Buying a home with a fixed interest rate locks you in, but the phrase “Only thing up is the rent” is there for a reason. In 15 years, rent may have doubled, but the house payment will be roughly the same.

Say no more, you are sick of renting for many reasons. Find out what it takes YOU to buy a place now, and stop renting.